101 in 1,001

So, inspired by Mackenzie Horan, I have compiled a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1,001 days to help me live a more fulfilled life. Don’t we all have a list of things we want to do before a certain point? Well with this list, I can help guide my life to accomplish them!


  1. Learn calligraphy
  2. Relearn the flute
  3. Be conversive in French
  4. Learn to paddle board
  5. Learn how to arrange flowers
  6. Learn how to make macaroons January 2018
  7. Learn how to sail
  8. Visit 15 new of the 50 states
  9. Take David to Europe
  10. Go on a tropical vacation
  11. Take ski lessons
  12. Have a sponsored post
  13. Have a custom logo
  14. Master photography
  15. Have 10,000 Instagram followers
  16. Be a guest blogger
  17. Launch an interview series
  18. Attend a blogging conference
  19. Hire a professional photographer
  20. Try out five regular columns
  21. Attend an event with a swag bag
  22. Launch a Charleston guide
  23. Launch a Greenville guide
  24. Launch a Raleigh guide
  25. Do a countdown (or up) with house numbers
  26. Organize my blog in Google January 2018
  27. Purchase a camera
  28. Design business cards
  29. Post our wedding on the blog
  30. Have our apartment posted on a blog
  31. Host a blogger event
  32. Attend a blogger conference
  33. Collaborate with a brand I love
  34. Dress up for an historic home
  35. Track my Finley ancestor
  36. Finish FlyLady baby steps
  37. Send 20 birthday cards a year
  38. Have a better dining table
  39. Don’t live a cluttered life
  40. Pray regularly
  41. Come up with 101 things
  42. Inspire someone to write their own list
  43. Purge in closet
  44. Purge my address book
  45. Purge my iPhone apps
  46. Purge my computer
  47. Go camping
  48. Go zip lining
  49. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished
  50. Go one month without buying anything unnecessary
  51. Learn how to tie a bow tie
  52. See a TED talk live
  53. Find a garden oasis
  54. Do genealogy testing
  55. Order a 2016 photo album
  56. Order a 2017 photo album
  57. Order a 2018 photo album
  58. Create a wedding shadowbox for the dining room
  59. Create a wedding shadowbox for my closet
  60. Create a wedding shadowbox for the living room
  61. Go apple picking
  62. View fall foliage
  63. Take a trip with another couple
  64. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  65. Pay for someone else’s meal
  66. Have an herb garden
  67. Create and follow a budget for 3 months
  68. See a show at a planetarium
  69. See a ballet other than the Nutcracker
  70. See a drive-in movie
  71. Go pumpkin picking
  72. Have a picnic
  73. Spend a weekend with David without electronics
  74. Attend Charleston Fashion Week
  75. Meet 5 blogger friends in real life (including one idol)
  76. Stargaze in the middle of nowhere
  77. Donate to 10 different charities
  78. Cook out a meal a month out of Southern Living for friends
  79. Throw away 20 things and don’t replace them
  80. Make 10 things from Pinterest
  81. Send a friend flowers anonymously
  82. Have a “pinch me” moment that I worked at
  83. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 35th birthday
  84. Go horseback riding
  85. Spend an afternoon reading at the park
  86. Ride in a helicopter
  87. Learn how to make homemade pasta
  88. Attend Dinner en Blanche in any city
  89. Have normal energy
  90. Be active in pilates
  91. Cook a meal from ingredients purchased at the farmers market
  92. Go one month without ordering takeout
  93. Learn how to swim again
  94. Run actively again
  95. Walk the Ravenel Bridge
  96. Do allergy testing
  97. Drink 2 L of water every day for four weeks
  98. Walk 10,000 steps every day for one week
  99. Wake up at 7 AM every day for one week
  100. Catch up on doctors appointments
  101. Strengthen my shoulders to play tennis without pain