The Happiness Project


This is my second time reading this book, it’s that good! It’s a great book to start planning a year of self development, as Gretchen Rubin covers a variety of areas in her book, what she learned, and the research she did in preparation.

  • January: Vitality- Boost Energy
  • February: Marriage- Remember Love
  • March: Work- Aim Higher
  • April: Parenthood- Lighten Up
  • May: Leisure- Be Serious About Play
  • June: Friendship- Make Time for Friends
  • July: Money- Buy Some Happiness
  • August: Eternity- Contemplate the Heavens
  • September: Books- Pursue a Passion
  • October: Mindfulness- Pay Attention
  • November: Attitude- Keep a Contented Heart
  • December: Happiness- Boot Camp Perfect

But since I first read it, there have been additions to the end (that I at least don’t remember), including suggestions on starting your own “Happiness Project,” and a series of tips, including scheduling exercise, parenthood, encouraging your significant other to do chores, and boosting energy.

Another great book I have enjoyed by Gretchen Rubin is Better than Before, a book on developing habits that helps you figure yourself out and how these various identities affect your ability to develop and maintain habits. I learned I am a mix between a rebel and a questioner. I often have to go against what is expected (believe it or not I was goth in high school but am now a traditionalist prep), but will do just about anything if I am given a good reason.

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