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It’s the holiday season and if you’re anything like me, that means holiday parties and dressing up! I love dressing up! Cute dresses, pretty coats (although they usually aren’t necessary in Charleston), cute hairstyles, and holiday make up. I love holiday make up! Smoky eyes and red lips! What can be better?fullsizeoutput_1e4b

But red lips are so hard to apply and to keep on. Any little mistake is obvious, and trying to readjust can create an even bigger mess. And when it starts to wear off, you end up with red lined lips, but colorless otherwise. Here are my tips and tricks for applying and keeping on red lipstick for non-professionals!

Keep your lips well moisturized. I’m currently obsessed with Eos, but another great one is by Sugar Lips.

When you are ready to apply your lipstick, start by exfoliating your lips. I love this exfoliator by Sugar Lips. But do this before you apply your make up, it gets messy!

Apply your lip liner. Start around the edge of your lips, and then fill in. This is very important, because it creates a good base for the color.

Speaking of base, next apply a lip color base. Just like with make up, this helps the lipstick go on smooth and adhere to your lips. Make sure you let it dry! This is my current favorite.

Next, apply your lip color. Apply to the bottom lip, smudge your lips together, and then fill in your top lip. Since your lips aren’t symmetrical, make sure you don’t smudge into your cupids bow.

Blot using a tissue. Then, for extra staying power, apply powder to your lips. Layering really helps your lipstick stay.

Apply a second layer of lipstick over the powder, and then blot using a tissue again.

Finally, stick at least your lipstick and lip base in your purse for touch ups. If you’re going to be out for the day and night, stick your lip liner and powder in your purse as well.

If you have a history of getting lipstick on your teeth, put your finger in your mouth, close your lips loosely around your finger, and pull it out. It wipes the lipstick off the part of your lips that come in contact with your teeth.

And here are some tips and tricks for while you are out and about:

Do not eat anything with grease or oil. The grease or oil will mix with your lipstick and wipe it off, and it won’t go back on unless you get all of the grease or oil off. This includes deep fried food, but also many salad dressings.

Learn to not lick your lips, over time you can lick the lipstick off your lips. (I’m still working on this.)

Whenever you take a drink, discreetly lick the glass as you go to take a sip. I don’t how, but this works really well!

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