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Goal Setting

We all make New Years resolutions to lose weight, to eat healthy, to not drink as much, to stop smoking, but rarely do we accomplish these. They usually end up just being a new source of disappointment.

But believe it or not, some people actually accomplish their New Years resolutions and change and grow in the new year. Through goal setting and planning with purpose, it is possible to have an amazing 2018! Here are some items that can help:

The first is Powersheets. Powersheets are a goal setting system for people who don’t accomplish much with other goal setting systems. It’s really easy to say, “I’m going to lose 15 pounds in 2018,” its something else to have a reason and an action plan to go along with it. Through what can be emotional prep, Powersheets walks you through who you are to help you figure out goals, your why, and ultimately action steps.

A planner is also very helpful. I am one of the majority who keeps their planner on their phones, but it isn’t always easy to manage a to-do list and plan out your day with an electronic calendar. There are dozens if not hundreds of planner options available, but the two that really help best planning out your day are the Simplified Planner and the Day Designer. Each have a single page per day that allows you to write your to-do list (specifying the top 3 things you need to accomplish), an hour by hour planner, as well as different boxes to help you organize your day. If you want a few more options, here is a great blog post by I Heart Planners about choosing a planner. It’s from 2015, but it still goes over a lot of the major planners.

Finally, books. Whether you listen to books or read them, books help you on this adventure called life. No matter where you are in life, someone has likely been there, and they have likely written a book about it. I will be documenting the books I read this year to help me through the year, and on the side column I have a running list of the books I read.

Make the most of your 2018!

Items in this post:

Le Pen- set of 10 colored pens

Le Pen- set of 4 black pens

Day Designer planners

Powersheets- 2018 full year

Powersheets- Goal Setting Sticker Book

Powersheets- Fruitful Friendships Workbook

Powersheets- Goal Guide for Couples

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