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Some of my resolutions in photographic form

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! While I’m sure you’re having a slow start to your day, it is important to have a good start to your year. New Years Resolutions are important, but so are keeping them! One way is to get one of these images to the right for your cell phone home screen, sold in my etsy shop!

As I’ve mentioned in my post, Essentials for 2018, we all make New Years Resolutions, but we rarely keep them. It’s hard to change our lifestyle, especially in the dead of winter when all we want to do is hibernate. In my opinion, New Years is ill timed. But luckily, with Powersheets, we can reflect on our goals throughout the year!

I have come up with some New Years Resolutions, with help from my Powersheets prep and The Happiness Project, by developing far-reaching goals, and then developing resolutions based on these.

First, my far reaching goals:

  • Become fluent in French
  • Become a concert flutist
  • Become a calligrapher
  • Be a perfect wife
  • Always be there for my friends
  • Have perfect health

Based on these rather far reaching goals, I created more obtainable resolutions.

  • Practice flute more
  • Study French
  • Practice calligraphy
  • Put David first as often as possible
  • Talk to my friends more often
  • Take my meds and eat healthy

But, as Lara Casey has pointed out in our Powersheets workbook, in order to actually accomplish my goals and proceed with my resolutions, I needed a “why.” Through my Powersheets prep, I was able to figure out my why:

I have the life I want, and I want to be able to live it.

Is that not amazing? I have an amazing husband who makes me incredibly happy, I am intelligent and reasonably healthy (for me), we are able to pay our bills and will not go hungry, and we live in an amazing neighborhood in a beautiful city! So this brought me to my New Years actions steps to help me complete my New Years Resolutions:

  • Health:
    • Cook twice per week (to be increased later on)
    • Take all of my meds twice a day
    • Restart pilates and walking Lilly
    • Meditate daily
    • Give myself grace to have rest days
  • Household:
    • Clean for 15 minutes 5 days per week
    • Keep a list of maintenance
    • Give myself grace when I don’t accomplish these things
  • Wife:
    • Compile a list of birthdays
    • Send out at least two birthday cards per month
    • Be flexible so that I can help David on slow days
    • Give myself grace when I don’t accomplish these things
  • Friends:
    • Call a friend once a week
    • Text a friend 3 days per week
    • See a friend once a week
  • Personal:
    • Blog once per week
    • Read a self improvement book once per month
    • Laugh with David every day
    • Practice flute once a week
    • Do French lessons 4 times a week
    • Practice calligraphy once a week

I am really looking forward to 2018. Through all of the changes I have experienced in 2016 and 2017 (see my about page), and all of the changes we plan for 2019 (hopefully pregnancy), I’m using 2018 as a year of soul-searching and establishing healthy habits for the present and future.

What are your New Years Resolutions and how are you incorporating Powersheets?

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