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A lot of people are constantly on the go, keeping everything, from their calendar to their to do lists to notes for the day, in their cell phones and tablets. Unfortunately for us Powersheets users, this can make using Powersheets difficult. Powersheets are handwritten, and the notebook, while well designed, is rather large. Even when you tear out the tending lists, they are not as easy to keep up with as your cell phone. Here are some tips and tricks for integrating your Powersheets and your mobile devices.

First, keep your Powersheets in a single place where you will see them morning and night. Your kitchen and your vanity are good places. I keep mine in my “dressing room” where I’ll see it when I get ready in the morning and change in the evenings (it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. In an apartment with only one tiny closet, the second bedroom has been converted into a closet, where we also put my vanity and a lounge chair and tv for me).

Now, for cell phone integration:

  • Keep your tending lists where you will see them throughout the day! I take a photo of my tending list, and use it for my home screen on my phone. That way, I am constantly seeing them and constantly being reminded of my goals for the day, week, and month.
  • Habit tracking is also important for Powersheets users. Fortunately for us, there are a ton of apps created for habit tracking. You can set them up to send you reminders at various times of the day, and as you complete each habit, you check it! At the end of the day, check your completed habits in your Powersheets, and your habit tracking app will automatically reset.
    • One of my favorite habit tracking apps is Productive.
  • You can also add your big goals to your phone integrated calendar. Many calendars allows you to color code. I have a calendar for myself, for my husband and I, for various groups I’m a part of, and for my goals. When I look at my calendar by the week, I can see that I have a certain goal coming up, and make sure I am on top of it.
  • A lot of people also use project management apps, such as Asana and Trello, to organize your goals. Here is a video of how to use Asana for goal setting, and here is a blog post of how to use Trello. I personally use Trello to organize my blog. I have lists for blog posts being worked on, and blog posts that have been completed. I also have lists for photos, both those that I will use in blogs and on instagram. It’s a great way to see everything at one glance, and to see it on the go!
  • Social media is also very important for accountability purposes.
    • Facebook has a massive and very active  Powersheets Group, where you can ask questions and get a ton of responses. I have asked what I have considered really stupid questions, and have always received very nice and helpful replies.
    • There are also a ton of Facebook subgroups. I created a subgroup for Charleston area Powersheets users (although with the holidays we haven’t met yet), and I’m also a member of groups for Powersheets bloggers, Powersheets users who are cultivating their faith, and a Powersheets book club.
    • Creating a blog is also a great way to stay accountable. I actually initially created this blog to stay accountable on my Powersheets, and it has ended up being a lot more than that. You can share it with friends, with all Powersheets users, or with the whole world!

Just because you use your phone for virtually everything, doesn’t mean you can’t also be successful with your Powersheets. Using these tips, you can master your goals that you developed with help from the amazing Powersheets, without having to carry them everywhere.

How do you use your cell phone along with your Powersheets?

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