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This has been quite a week! I loved reading everyone’s goal setting blog posts and was super excited about sharing all of them (and I still will), but then it snowed in Charleston. The third biggest snow on record at 5.3 inches, the record bing 6 inches! This has been so exciting!

And, my roundup of New Year blog posts!

Hearing how people rang in the New Year is definitely giving me ideas!

I love hearing about people’s reflections on last year:

A lot of people shared their goals, and I loved reading them for inspiration, and to know I’m not the only one with problems:

Powersheets are a great tool for goal setting. Six month calendars are still available!

I think health and wellness are top hitters for resolutions:

Organization is high on my resolutions list:

Career is also really high on people’s resolutions:

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my snow day post! Haha my boots definitely won’t get as much wear here as other cities but I travel with them too! Thankful to have them this week. Hope you loved the snow!! I hope all the other links and bloggers you included in this Weekend Reading post! Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx, Jillian

    1. Absolutely! I love your boots so much! We are wanting to travel more but we just got married and are saving for a family and we’re determined to stay downtown. Once we start traveling more I’ll definitely invest in cute shoes like that!

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