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Does anyone else feel like you don’t have anyone to relate to anymore? Where once our friends and family were those whom we modeled our life over, it is now perfect social media icons and hot mess reality tv stars who we model our lives over. We (or at least I) be ourselves up for not having my nightstand always straight and sometimes having dishes in the sink, and the cords in my entertainment center are easily visible, meanwhile we justify not being perfect by modeling ourselves after reality tv stars who spend their days texting in the pajamas over the milk their ex best friend spilled five years ago.

While it is motivating and fun to follow the perfect bloggers, and self-esteem boosting to follow the reality tv stars, do not base your entire lives on this. Blogging and portraying a perfect lifestyle is a business just as being an entertaining reality tv hot mess is a business, neither of which show the full reality of either side.

Instead, figure out who you are. Are you a super organized person? Are you a hot mess? Most likely you are human and have characteristics of both. Embrace these varying aspects of your personality! But at the same time, always advance who you want to be. Are you a hot mess who wants to be super organized? Start small, start by cleaning a few minutes every day and mastering a makeup look. Add on keeping one area of your house clean (even just a single table) and then add mastering a hairstyle. Eventually work your way up to always having a home ready for a dinner party and always having your hair in place and make up done perfectly. But remember, you are only human, you won’t always be perfect!

I have discovered and embraced that I am a traditionalist at a time when a night’s out attire is often leggings and a cute slouchy top. I love night’s out when I get to wear my favorite lace DVF dress, get my hair done, and don my fur. I love black tie galas and cocktail conversation. It’s actually how my husband and I initially bonded, we both love to dress up, look nice, and don our formal attire for a fancy night out.

But there is always room for change. I am beginning to embrace leggings. But nothing, to me, replaces a nice silk blouse, nice slacks, and heels, with my hair perfectly coiffed and my makeup done naturally but excentuating my best features.

That being said, I’m a total slob at home! I love keeping up appearances outside of the home, but inside of the home I have clutter everywhere, stacks of papers, projects half completed, and clothes laying all over. I just have so much stuff I can’t seem to stay on top of it all. I’m a cross between and hoarder and a prepper. I hoard stuff I may need in the future, from notebooks and paper and printouts of organizational projects to freeze dried food and even an inflatable kayak (we live in Charleston, we get bad hurricanes sometimes).

Along these lines, my goal for this year is to not fall for the casual wear trend, but to maintain my put together appearance, but also be able to step out of the house for a walk without looking like a slob (I looked a hot mess during the snow storm but I was warm!). But I also want to get my home life in order. I want to have a straight and clean home, having morning and evening routines, and have healthy routines of taking my medicine and exercising regularly. I want everything to have a place and I want to be able to put everything in that place. And I want as many these habits established before children so that I can be a good role model and help them develop these healthy habits from a young age.

Julia from Lemonstripes was kind enough to share some insight she gained into not always being perfect when she had her daughter, Amalia.

“Before I had a baby, I used to care way too much about what other people thought so I’d spend hours getting ready to leave the house and hours cleaning up, putting out fresh flowers, etc if I was having guests. Now I simply don’t have the time for that and it turns out I haven’t lost a single friend in the process 🙂 In fact, I’ve found that life is a lot easier when you try your best but don’t stress so much about the little things.”

I absolutely love this! While it is probably a good idea to clean the toilet periodically, it isn’t absolutely necessary to make sure all of your knick knacks are always perfectly situated and always completely free from dust. Your true friends won’t care if they can see your power cords (as long as they won’t trip over them) or if there’s a bit of dust here and there. I am still working on keeping a clean and straightened home, but it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect.

What about you? What are some of your flaws (get vulnerable) that really aren’t that bad, and what areas do you intend to improve in 2018.

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