Falling for trends


I am not a trendy person. In fact, I loathe trends. There, I said it! It’s like lifting a weight off my shoulders. I am always so worried that every time I purchase an article of clothing “on trend” or decorate my house “on trend,” it will be out of season within a year, or even a few months, and that I’ll be out a lot of money.

I am also paranoid that I will not wear them correctly. When I get dressed I try to match my shoes with my outfit in weight and texture. For instance, I won’t wear a light springy dress with chunky heels. But chunky heels are “on trend” (or at least were recently) and light weight dresses look better on me. So if I bought a pair of chunky heels I’d walk around wondering if I was wearing them correctly and I’d feel like a middle schooler, unsuccessfully experimenting (except a lot of middle schoolers these days pull off trends better than me).

All of that being said, I follow a number of fashion bloggers (more because they are just cool people), who are able to pull off trends flawlessly. Some of my favorites are:

Memorandum: Mary and her husband Rich are adorable together. They are #marriagegoals and #lifegoals. They are constantly on her Insta stories, playing with each other in the back of taxis on their way to some fantastic function looking gorgeous, but their personalities are so relatable! But if I were to put on that puffer jacket, I would feel like the younger brother in A Christmas Story. And those glasses, seriously! On me, I’d feel like a dorky extra from 16 Candles. But Mary is able to pull these trends off flawlessly.

Loverly Grey: Brittany is so sweet and so fun to watch on her Insta stories. Most of her Insta stories involve trying on clothes and sharing sales, but even if I don’t like trends I still love sales. But if I were to put on that flowy top with those adorable pants, I’d feel like I was playing dress up in my mom’s clothes when I was 6 (except I never did because my mom admittedly has no fashion sense). And a pink fur jacket and a jean skirt and thigh-high grey boots. She pulls it off flawlessly but I can’t even mix patterns on my couch pillows let alone in my every day attire. 

Lemonstripes: I think Julia is my soul sister, except she has no idea who I am (although she is so responsive whenever I do message her, along with probably hundreds of other girls), and she is able to keep a well decorate and clean home (although read this post for a quote she provided me on life post baby). But Julia isn’t super trendy, but she still wears some things that I would never put on. I never got on the acronym train but she looks so cute in this letterman’s LOL sweater and glitter shoes. I’d feel like I was the birthday girl at my 6th birthday party in them. And I actually own this vest (bought it before I saw her in it), but I always feel like I’m swimming in it. But I think it’s made to be a bit big and she wears it flawlessly. 

Brighton The Day: Brighton is like the best friend I wish I had. For the past few days she has had a friend over and they are so cute together. They are constantly laughing and having such a good time. But if I were there, I’d totally be that girl making weird jokes and sitting in the corner, laughing along but not really contributing much. She also pulls off trends so flawlessly. These army pants are adorable, but I’d have flashbacks to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” because I can’t touch this trend. And all denim! So cute, on her, but I rarely wear jeans without feeling like a slob, let alone a jean jacket as well. But she looks so chic, ready to conquer the world in them.

I think what it boils down to is confidence, and while I actually am quite confident, I don’t have the kind of confidence necessary to pull off trends. I am a traditionalist and it took me most of my life to embrace being a traditionalist because society is constantly telling you to be different and form your own path. Well my path is right beside the one most often taken, but not quite. I am a nerd, I love to read and learn (I mean I got my Master’s in History, what sane person does that?). But I also love hosting dinner parties and if I could have my own way I’d wear nothing but St. John’s Knits. My personal idle is Emily Gilmore (minus the selfishness), and I am proud to be who I am, while still loving trends from afar.

*I greatly respect all of these women for forging their own fashion paths and confidently wearing all of the trends. It is just not my style and that is ok. On of the many gifts these people and talented women have is fashion. That is not one of my gifts.

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    January 25, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    I am obsessed with lemonstripes I love Julia!
    Xo, Kelsey | http://www.petiteinherpearls.com

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      January 25, 2018 at 10:31 pm

      She is incredible and so sweet! And so real. I love seeing her perfect aspects as motivation, but I also love how real she’s gotten lately.

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