Powersheets- January 2018

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My January tending list ended up a bit empty. I set out with some lofty but achievable goals, but ended up accomplishing few of them. Based on what I have read on the Facebook page, this appears to have been a problem for a lot of people. While many people posted incredible achievements, full bars, and lots of checks on their Powersheets, many people also lamented about their lack of success.

I blame my lack of success on the series of events that occurred throughout January: the snow storm, my birthday, starting a blog, and my eye problems. But in actuality, these are nothing but excuses! Yes, as per my usual, I have come up with a list of excuses as to why I did not achieve my goals for January, because nothing prevented my from taking my meds and nothing made me eat lots of sweets except myself.

I have gone through my January tending list, identified the problems, and created solutions to help me accomplish my goals in the end.

  • Problem: Doing my pilates; Solution- just do them, and that is going to be the solution for a lot of these. There are going to be days that are busy when I need to reserve my energy in the first couple of weeks of pilates, but doing pilates will make me feel so much better in the end
  • Problem: Attending Church; Solution: again, just do it. This past Saturday night we thought I had the flu so that’s a good reason not to go, but there have been few times in my life when I have regretted dragging myself out of bed for some good worship time
  • Problem: Balance checkbook; Solution: I get so stressed out when I don’t. I’ve bounced enough checks in my life (about once a year) that it is a constant dread, but my solution in the past has been to ignore it. This is something that is going to be introduced into my routine. That and family meetings
  • Problem: Cultivate friendships; Solution: read the Fruitful Friendship book from the Cultivate team. I’m going to really make more of an effort to solidify my relationships with the women in my life because it’s important to have girls to turn to
  • Problem: Take pills and drink water; Solution: just do it! This is so embarrassing that this is a problem! It’s a simple act. Two liters of water is not that much, and my medicines and vitamins make me feel so much better!

So I challenge all of you. What didn’t you get accomplished in January? What was the problem that prevented you? How are you going to fix it?

My February tending list looks a lot more achievable. I actually stuck pilates under monthly and weekly goals, so hopefully I’ll get it done. And I plan to have a clean house by the end of the month, beginning with our library (the walkway between our dining room and kitchen with built in bookshelves).

I also put more measurable goals on my February tending list. In January I put reflect on gratitude. What does that entail? So this month I put, go on an adventure on my weekly list. That could be a new historic site, a hike, or even travel if the opportunity arises.

I’m also going work on my blog just about every day, as well as connect with someone everyday. This could be a text, a quick conversation with a barista, or dinner with a friend. And I’m going to be a better wife by praying for David and by doing his chore (the dishes) without nagging him. It takes a lot less energy that way.

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