The art of the handwritten note


Who doesn’t enjoy receiving receiving good mail? A birthday card, an invitation, or just a quick note from a friend or family member that says they’re thinking about you. It is always such a treat when I’m checking the mail and I see an envelope with my address handwritten, and I know I’m about to read a nice note from a good friend.

The handwritten note is a dying art, unfortunately, but it’s something that needs to be revived. It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t cost a lot. While there’s nothing quite like customized stationery, many stores and gift shops carry cute notecards just for this purpose.

Here are a few of my favorite companies for stationery:


Nothing beats Crane stationery. I used to work in a stationery store and this was my absolute favorite for a classic look. I have ordered customized monogrammed notecards, but they also sell more generic boxed notecards with all kinds of emblems.

Embossed Graphics

If you are looking for a less expensive personalized stationery option, Embossed Graphics is a great option. They have all kinds of options, but their speciality is a classic raised monogram. They also have sales regularly so be sure to check often.


The Hallmark name is synonymous with greeting cards, but you can also pick up some wonderful notecards for a “thinking of you note.” They also have all kinds of stationery accouterments, such as pens and organizers.

But it is often difficult to figure out what to write, especially when you can just pick up a phone and text a friend. A “thinking of you” text is always nice, but it still doesn’t beat a “thinking of you” note. There are plenty of books to help you out, but here is a good formula for a “thinking of you” note.

  • Begin the note with a brief explanation as to why you thought of them: Are they going through a tough time? Did you complete an activity you know they enjoy? Did you cook a recipe they gave you? Open up with something about them.
  • Share a quick anecdote about them. It may be related to why you thought about them, or completely unrelated, especially if they need cheering up. Share a story about carefree days, or success in the face of adversity.
  • End the note with a word of kind thoughts. Let your friend know you are thinking of them, and are willing to help out if needed. Share some excitement about the future, especially if they are going through a difficult time.

You see, it really isn’t that difficult to write a kind hearted note. For more ideas, check out some of my favorite books on the handwritten note!

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