Weekend Reading

Weekend reading

This week was wonderful! I did a chocolate making class with Christophe Chocolatier (seriously, if you’re ever in Charleston, check to see if he’s doing a class, or at least visit one of his stores), and there is still no flu! David and I both thought we were getting sick, but turns out we just ran ourselves too hard. We’re both feeling good!

There were a ton of romance related posts this week, as Valentine’s day is next week, but I’m going to start with the non-romance related posts:

Health related posts, my favorite!

  • I miss the times in my past when I was a morning person and would jump out of bed and do a solid workout. It was so rewarding! I’m getting back there again, slowly. The EveryGirl shared some tips and tricks on how to do this in a post this week!
  • It’s so important to start your morning off right. Exercise is one way (as seen above), but so is a morning (non-alcoholic) libation. I personally do a hemp based protein shake every morning and a black tea, but here are some more from Chronicles of Frivolity that don’t involve caffeine.
  • The Stripe had a guest post this week about self love and body confidence. Really since multiple people were around each other, but especially since the advent of widely printed media, and even more as social media is constantly in front of us, it’s so easy to compare ourselves and our lives to others. Few people are actually happy with themselves, but this is some great advice to help your own body confidence.
  • I hate the verb “dieting.” To me, it means a temporary change just to reach a temporary end. We as a society need to make a lifestyle change, through what we eat, our exercise, as well as acceptance of our natural bodies. I loved this post about what happened when The EveryGirl quit dieting.

Now for the romance related posts from this past week:

  • The Fashionable Hostess obviously always has the most “fashionable” parties, but I really loved this idea for a children’s Valentine’s party for her kids. Definitely doing this once we have kids.
  • There’s a reason for the old saying “respect your elders.” They’ve lived! They’ve experienced life. Even if things have changed, not a lot has. Camille Styles shared some advice from women who have been married for 40+ years. The most common piece of advice: keep at it.
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