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Spring break is coming up fast, and whether you’re in school or not, we could all use a break from the cold. It’s rainy and cold here in Charleston today, but I’m hearing the entire eastern seaboard and into the midwest is getting hit by snow again. It’s time to think warm thoughts and make warm plans.

Photo credit: Cassie Barringer

I actually have become very uncomfortable in swimsuits (hence my first photo being in a coverup). I used to have a teeny tiny body and didn’t even have to work for abs. I’m still really thin (you’re probably about to punch me for complaining, but in my defense when you are small chested a tiny belly can look big), but thanks to bloggers like Julia from Lemonstripes embracing her imperfections, I’m going to strut my stuff on the beach this year (but I’m still hitting the pilates hard, embracing my flaws doesn’t mean I’m not working on them). So without further ado, here are some photos of me in an adorable bikini I scooped up from J.Crew.

Photo credit: Cassie Barringer

Here I am world! Although I look really uncomfortable here, don’t I?

Photo credit: Cassie Barringer

What I love about Cassie, my photographer, is how sweet and fun she is. After just a few moments of me standing uncomfortably on the beach in my swimsuit, she had me laughing and feeling like I deserved to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Fitness like any other beautiful model who worked her butt off for her body.

Photo credit: Cassie Barringer

Although the back of this swimsuit can bunch up a bit, it is full coverage. I have a proportionately voluptuous behind and often have trouble finding swimsuits that fit me well, but I love this suit.

Photo credit: Cassie Barringer

I especially love the monogram option!

Here are some more great swimsuits for spring:

I just ordered the navy scalloped two piece and have wanted one ever since I saw Mackenzie Horan or Design Darling wear one a few years ago (but I could never find the original photo). The white swimsuit I almost bought, but I decided to restrain myself. Maybe next month. The black suit is actually from Target and so cute!

What are you favorite swimsuit styles?

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  • Kat Tanita
    March 16, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Looove the blue and white stripes on that bikini!

    xo Kat