The years 2016 and 2017 have been two of the most eventful of my life.

  • March 2016 I moved in with my now husband.
  • July 2016 we got engaged.
  • August 2016 we moved from Greenville, SC to Charleston, SC for a trial year.
  • September 2016 I decided Charleston was my home.
  • December 2016 I became an official South Carolina resident. My family has lived in North Carolina for numerous generations, and the majority of my family still lives there.
  • June 2017 I got married.
  • November 2017 I finished my masters thesis.
  • December 2017 I graduate from Clemson University with a Masters in History.

Now in 2018, I am a housewife, and honestly that’s it. I have been working on my masters degree for five years, and due to poor health I haven’t worked since 2012. My husband and I have debated me going back to work, but we decided it would be better if I focused on myself as opposed working.

So 2018 will be my year of self development and soul searching. Who am I as a thirty something and a wife?

I will be using Powersheets and reading a lot of self-development and goal setting books throughout the course of the year. I’m really excited but also really overwhelmed. I hope to use this blog to document what I learn, but also as a method of accountability.

My 2018 goals:

  • Better health
  • A cleaner home
  • A better social life
  • Being the best me possible