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    Powersheets- January 2018

    Goal Setting Life Lessons Powersheets

    My January tending list ended up a bit empty. I set out with some lofty but achievable goals, but ended up accomplishing few of them. Based on what I have read on the Facebook page, this appears to have been a problem for a lot of people. While many people posted incredible achievements, full bars, and lots of checks on their Powersheets, many people also lamented about their lack of success. I blame my lack of success on the series…

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  • Goal Setting Weekend reading

    Weekend Reading

    This has been quite a week! I loved reading everyone’s goal setting blog posts and was super excited about sharing all of them (and I still will), but then it…

  • Goal Setting Powersheets

    2018 Powersheets

    Whew! As always, Powersheets prep work was intense. Lara Casey and her team have a way of really getting into your heart a soul and tearing it apart, while also…

  • Goal Setting Holidays

    New Years Resolutions

    I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! While I’m sure you’re having a slow start to your day, it is important to have a good start to your year.…

  • Goal Setting

    Essentials for 2018

    We all make New Years resolutions to lose weight, to eat healthy, to not drink as much, to stop smoking, but rarely do we accomplish these. They usually end up…